The Elysium Project News
(Anathema, Zeth'Kur, Darrowshire & Elysium Project News - former Nostalrius PvP/PvE)

Anathema, Elysium and Zeth'Kur Gold updates + Fresh Accounts

Date: 1st June 2017

We apologize for prolonging the updates of for few additional weeks. The reason being: brilliant TBC realms were launched by Warmane WoW, and we had to dedicate some network resources there - you can check our Outland, Medivh, Icecrown & Lordaeron sites. New accounts are available for Elysium & Anathema, as well greater discounts for Anathema, Elysium & Zeth Kur gold - enjoy it while it's in stock :-)

Major Website Updates

Date: 23th March 2017

During the previous 30 days, we have been very busy connecting with additional partners and working on major updates of our websites. We were able to drop the prices across all realms for almost 61% of their previous pricing. The updates are now in place and you can expect additional ready made accounts to become available in the following days.

Finally, much lower prices for both Elysium & Zeth'Kur

Date: 16th February 2017

Over the past months, we were busy establishing and increasing our farming network on Zeth'Kur PvP and Elysium. We are now able to provide you with 100g for $47.90, down from $150, which is a massive price-decrease for all players. Additionally, a month ago - we split our Elysium & Nostalrius sites, but came to a conclusion that this move was confusing for our clients, so we connected them once again, for your convenience.

Nostalrius & Elysium Devs Split, and are now separate

Date: 17th January 2017

Due to the recent happenings, we have decided to split our Nostalrius & Gold4Elysium websites. Both sites will still provide the very same services for the existing realms: Anathema (Nostalrius PvP), Darrowshire (Nostalrius PvE), Elysium & Zeth'Kur.

Elysium Gold Available, Nostalrius PvP Price Low As Never Before

Date: 12th January 2017

Elysium PvP was launched on 7th January. We were working tirelessly on updating the website, which now allows you to purchase accounts directly from us. Nostalrius PvP price is now on the record low - 100g costs just $19.95, the more you purchase, the better discount you get. Zeth'Kur gold will be available in the following weeks.

Please don't get fooled by the in-game spammers. All of their client details were leaked recently (spam sites hacked), which resulted in a massive ban-wave of over 2500 accounts. The leaked orders can be found here. Our customer accounts remained intact, mostly due to the type of website we have - for the technical people, it is based on plain HTML and our information is stored in Paypal's database only, as we don't have any login system incorporated with our site - nothing to breach, but harder to maintain. Be smart, stay safe :)

Nostalrius PvE now has the same pricing as it's PvP counterpart

Date: 29th December 2016

The greatest news PvE players can ever here - we are connected with a huge number of partners now, which enables to balance the PvE pricing. PvP & Pve have the same pricing & packages right now.

Merry Christmas - Greatly lowered pricing for both PvP & PvE

Date: 25th December 2016

Sweet Holiday News! We greatly lowered our prices for both Nostalrius PvE & PvP realms. If you get the biggest PvP package, 100g equals $31.0, and for the biggest PvE package, 100g equals $67.5 - Enjoy Your Holiday :-)

Nost PvP Price Adjustment

Date: 20th December 2016

We adjusted the price for our Nostalrius PvP Packages. Additional packages - 250g, 300g, 400g & 500g were added. There is a great discount included in them which makes them super cheap.

Happy Birthday Nostalrius 2.0

Date: 17th December 2016

Today is a great day - the birth day of Nostalrius 2.0 - After the 3 successful stability tests performed over the past few weeks, the server hosting Nostalrius PvP & PvE is finally online, with a massive queue of over 10.000 players waiting to enter the game. Our services are available now and we have gold stored for both realms.

Nostalrius Re-Emerges

Date: 21th November 2016

The Nostalrius developers finally decided to handle their core and database to the Elysium Project, seeing them as the only team worthwhile to continue their legacy. The former Nostalrius Begins PvP & PvE realms will be relaunched with their original characters, along with the fresh new Elysium.

We merged our two sites ( and under this one where we will be resuming our services for all 3 realms.

Nostalrius Begins was closed on 10th of April.

Date: 12th May 2016

Nostalrius Begins was closed by a Blizzard petition on 10th of April 2016. We are sorry to see such good server go. The population migrated to Kronos 1 & 2 WoW, as well as Hellfire (a progressive TBC realm). Our services are continued there.

Nostalrius Begins Services Available

Date: 10th April 2015

While the gold demand for Nostalrius Begins is still very high, the number of suppliers is almost none. Everyone, including us, needs the valuable in-game currency at the moment, but we are willing to share some of our stockpile for a proper compensation.

Our intention is not to break the Nosta game play - it's an amazing server, that's why we offer only limited packages on our website - to help you get going or buy a mount if obtaining your first 100g at level 40 represents a problem. Launched

Date: 8th March 2015

Our website will be providing gold (buy and sell), accounts and powerleveling services for the upcoming Nostalrius Begins Vanilla WoW Realm. has been featured / spoken of / part of the following websites: featured on Gamespot, Gameskinny, Gamestar, CNN, BBC, Digital Journal, The New York Times, The Telegraph, Twitch TV,, CNBC, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal...

Contact Information

Email: Skype: Vision7Gaming (Outland TBC, Warmane & Kronos 3 Gold)

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