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Anathema PvP was merged with Light's Hope: Lightbringer

Anathema PvP (now called Lightbringer) gold, can be purchased from this page.

The Light's Hope Lightbringer gold price was last updated today, 22nd January 2020 (EU Time).

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Anathema (Nostalrius PvP) Info

Anathema / Nostalrius PvP - The Elysium WoW Project Anathema de-facto represents the old Nostalrius PvP realm, which existed on the Nostalrius Begins server from February 2015 until April 2016. Even though there were several Classic 1.12 servers in existence, Nostalrius widely surpassed everyone's expectations, quickly gained traction, and after a month in existence it had tens of thousands players. This realm, alongside Nostalrius PvE are indeed the reason for bringing worldwide attention to Classic Vanilla 1.12 WoW Legacy servers.

Nostalrius PvP (now Anathema), was closed down / put to rest by a "Cease or Desist" letter from Blizzard in early 2016. It was closed on April 2016, enraging the enormous player-base - as the developer team claimed, over 800.000 accounts were registered on their website. Blizzard initially promised that they will discuss the release of official legacy servers on the upcoming Blizzcon, but failed to keep up with their promise, attention was given to the new Legion expansion, and the legacy realms were not even mentioned.

Because of that, the Nost developer team started contemplating for handling their core source code and player database to another Classic Vanilla project called Valkyrie, in existence since 2011, which they deemed the most worthwhile server to resume the project - seeing the Valkyrie team as the only one sharind the same values as them. Their pact bore a fruit, and Nostalrius was reinstated on 17th December 2016.

However, due to failing between the Elysium (Valkyrie) and Nostalrius teams in January 2017, the teams split and the former team demanded that Elysium return the core and rename the Nostalrius realms. So Anathema PvP was born. It still remains one of the few most popular Vanilla Classic 1.12 private World of Warcraft servers.

Older Anathema News

On 18th October 2018, The Elysium Project was split into Light's Hope. Light's Hope, in spite of the release of Northdale, renamed Elysium PvP into Lightbringer. In addition, Anathema and Darrowshire were merged with Lightbringer on 6th June 2018. You can buy Northdale Light's Hope Gold from our V7 Gaming website as well.

The page is now moved to the Light's Hope Anathema Gold section

The packages below reflect the current pricing for the Anathema PvP (Nostalrius PvP) (Player Versus Player) realm of the Elysium WoW Project. Available for both Alliance & Horde.

We now Guarantee 100% Safe Anathema Gold Delivery. Our VPN technology is unmatched, and we have managed to stay undetected since the Elysium WoW Project was launched on 17th December 2016.

Update 15th July 2017:
It is summertime* and Zeth'Kur was merged with Elysium, Anathema and Darrowshire. We are finally able to push our Anathema pvp WoW gold price to the limit, as we have amassed well over 50000 gold in stock. 100 will now cost $4.45 down from $4.95 - you won't find cheaper rates anywhere. Additional Anathema accounts are available now as well.

Important Information: Our Anathema (Nostalrius PvP) gold store is the server's oldest. We never spam inside the game, and don't use any kind of bots/exploits to amass our gold stocks. Our gold is farmed genuinely by our in-house member team. The only way we can obtain you as a customer is if you find us in the first place - through the main search engines like Google, or through our extensive gaming network, making us your safest bet when purchasing gold for Anathema PvP. Since we are not using any illegitimate ways to promote our gold store, we are not targeted by the Game Masters / Elysium Admins. In addition, we are in no way connected with the latest Elysium Project gold-drama, and zero/none customers accounts of our store have been suspended ever since Anathema was re-launched in December 2016.

Update 22th May 2017:
Further price improvement is available from today. The standard cost of $9.95 per 100g is down to $4.95 for the same value!

Update 19th March 2017:
We are further improving the cost of our Anathema gold services and the prices now are on the record low - 100g is just $9.95

Update 16th February 2017:
The Anathema gold price is on the record low at the moment - 500g costs just $90, down from $150!

Update 25th December 2016:
Gold is now available for the realm for the Horde & The Alliance. There is a great discount included with all packages, especially the ones over with 200g. Instructions for receiving the gold will be delivered to you upon purchase.

Additional Anathema Links & Services

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