About Nostalrius.net (Light's Hope WoW) Services
(Who we are and how everything started!)

About info already provided

We are not new to selling gold, accounts and powerleveling services. As of March 2015, we are proud to be behind over 3000 successful transactions, both on Feenix & Nostalrius November 2016, we are proud to be behind over 5000 successful transactions across many different private realms and servers, including Feenix's Archangel, Warsong & Emerald Dream; Dalaran's Algalon, Warmane's Icecrown and Lordaeron, Twinstar's Kronos 1 & 2. If you ask what we do now, we can surely answer: Professional gold farming and selling. Complete information is provided on our Feenix's Warsong site, please check the about page there.

Why Nostalrius Begins 1.12 Vanilla Classic Server

After playing for years on Warsong & ED 1.12 and Archangel TBC 2.4.3 we decided to experience THE REAL vanilla with x1 rates, literary vanilla WoW on hard mode. Leveling & farming here takes 'ages', but as with the other realms, we are going through everything on Nostalrius too. We have decided to start selling some of our gold stocks as we progress through the game.

Additional info about Nostalrius.net

Nostalrius.net was made as an addition to Gold4Warsong.com & Gold4Archangel.com sites, so that we can provide gold for players that need it on the x1 rates Nostalrius Begins classic WoW realm.

November 2016 Update

Nostalrius Begins PvP & PvE thrived for more than a year, when Blizzard decided to shut it down. Elysium was launched in August 2016, with a team which was noted as worthwhile by the former Nostalrius developers. The Nosta core and player database was handled to the Elysium project in order resume the former realms - Nosta PvP & PvE and the brand new one Elysium PvP.

We resumed the functionality of our website, in order to provide you with our services on all 3 realms.

November 2017 Update

Due to disagreements inside The Elysium Project's development team, the project split off, and the bigger part of the playerbase is now playing on Light's Hope, which represents the continuation of the Nostalrius Begins legacy.
We also relaunched our main network website called V7Gaming.

Less time farming, more time playing the game! Enjoy :-)

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Contact Information

Email: shop@v7gaming.com Skype: Vision7Gaming (Outland TBC, Warmane & Kronos 3 Gold)

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