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WoW Classic EU Realms:
Golemagg | Shazzrah | Sulfuron | Lucifron | Flamegor | Zandalar Tribe |
Mirage Raceway | Pyrewood Village | Auberdine | Everlook | Chromie | Hydraxian Waterlords

WoW Classic US Realms:
Herod | Thalnos | Whitemane | Fairbanks | Faerlina | Grobbulus | Arugal |
Atiesh | Myzrael | Mankrik | Bloodsail Buccaneers | Remulos |

Available Packages for Northdale - Light's Hope

The packages below are for the Northdale realm available on Light's Hope. Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde.
Northdale is the new, fresh Classic WoW realm launched by LH on 23rd June 2018.

We offer cheap Light's Hope Northdale Gold with focus on safety.
We use a custom-tailored delivery system with multiple delivery choices. Our price is low right now, $6.95 for 100g!.
90% of our customers receive 20% additional bonus. Details are disclosed upon purchase!

200 Gold
$13.90 USD (about €12.2 EUR)

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500 Gold
$34.75 USD (about €30.5 EUR)

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1000 Gold
$69.50 USD (about €61.0 EUR)

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Available Packages for Nighthaven PvP (The Elysium Project)

The packages below are for the fresh Nighthaven PvP realm on the Elysium Project.
Nighthaven Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde. Price was last updated today, 22nd January 2020 (EU Time).

Special Offer 20% bonus on all purchases of 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 gold until 15th March (Nighthaven Only)

300 Gold
€7.77 EUR (about $8.57 USD)

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500 Gold
€12.95 EUR (about $14.3 USD)

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1000 Gold
€25.90 EUR (about $28.7 USD)

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Available Packages for Netherwing (Burning Crusade)

The packages below are for the new x1 TBC, Netherwing realm available at
Netherwing Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde. Gold price was last updated today, 22nd January 2020 (EU Time).

150 Gold
€8.92 EUR (about $9.99 USD)

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300 Gold
€17.85 EUR (about $19.9 USD)

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1000 Gold
€59.50 EUR (about $67.4 USD)

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Available Packages for LightsHope's Lightbringer (Elysium PvP)

The packages below are for the Lightbringer (Elysium PvP) realm available at Light's Hope.
Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde at €3.95/100g. Price was last updated today, 22nd January 2020 (EU Time).

300 Gold
€11.85 EUR (about $13.3 USD)

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500 Gold
€19.75 EUR (about $22.2 USD)

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1000 Gold
€39.50 EUR (about $44.5 USD)

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Update 26th January 2019:
The Elysium Project announced their release of Nethergarde - a fresh new realm which will serve as pre-sequel to their upcoming TBC server in Q2.

Update 13th January 2019:
We added a section for Netherwing gold. It is also available on our main Netherwing website. Powerleveling & Accounts for Netherwing are available too on V7, our parent website. In addition, Sunwell launched their own TBC realm. Nightbane gold can be purchased from our Sunwell website.

Major Update 21st May 2018:
We are redefining our complete website:
1) Nighthaven gold price dropped, NH accounts are available for purchase on the Nighthaven page
2) Lightbringer (Light's Hope) gold and account price is significantly dropped, over 50 LB accounts are available
3) Kronos 3 gold is available for purchase on
4) Northdale is an upcoming fresh Classic server on Light's Hope. We added a section for it.
5) One of the oldest Vanilla servers called Warsong has been reinstated by a new team. You can buy Warsong gold from our page as well.

Update 24th January 2018:
Besides adding 33 new accounts for sale (Lightbringer/Nighthaven) we have further lowered the NH Elysium price. We were working on additional Vikings apparel website.

Update 14th December 2017: We have further refined our Nighthaven prices, they are now on the record low - the more you buy, the better discount you get and the gold becomes a lot cheaper.

Major Update 29th November 2017: We are seeing huge increase in account sales this month - more are added each day, but they are getting sold very quickly, if you are keen on purchasing account, please note that it may be sold if you choose to wait and decide. We try to keep our Accounts section

Major Update 5th November 2017: We still guarantee our gold delivery - Not a single issue reported with us either on the Elysium Project and Light's Hope so far. We are still selling gold on all Light's Hope realms (Elysium PvP, Darrowshire PvE & Anathema PvP) as well as the fresh new Nighthaven PvP realm by the Elysium Project. Over 10 accounts are available for purchase as well.

Major Update 15th July 2017: We now Guarantee 100% Safe Gold Delivery. Our VPN technology is unmatched, and we have managed to stay undetected since the Elysium WoW Project was launched on 17th December 2016. Elysium price is on the record low at the moment, the price for 100g is now $7.99 down from $12.50; Anathema 100 goes down to $4.45 and Darrowshire for almost 50% discount - $9.50 down from $17.50 - Enjoy these summer discounts while they last. Additional accounts are now available for purchase as well. We have also noticed a site owned by competitors from China that spams in-game and uses our logo - please be cautious - you may end up paying a lot more for the gold to impostors who can not even create a proper site and logo, yet alone use virtual PC technology to deliver you the gold. Stay safe!

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Light's Hope Vanilla Classic 1.12 WoW (former: The Elysium Project & Nostalrius Begins)

Light's Hope is the latest successor of the once-famous Nostalrius Begins. The project when the latest account & gold selling drama spread out with the Elysium Project. Part of the developers took the database to another server and resumed the project under the name Light's Hope. The project continues to thrive even after Blizzard's announcement of their Classic Vanilla WoW servers. On the other hand, The Elysium Project managed to survive the catastrophe and released a brand new realm called Nighthaven PvP.

The Elysium Project emerged by combining the former Nostalrius & Valkyrie Vanilla WoW servers. Elysium was initially released in August 2016 as part of Valkyrie, but was temporarily closed down until the merge took place. Nostalrius Begins PvP & PvE were the first realms re-launched on 17th December 2016, followed by Elysium & Zeth'Kur PvP on 7th and 13th January, respectively. Following a disagreement between the former Nostalrius & Valkyrie (now Elysium) developer teams, the original Nostalrius realms were re-branded as Anathema PvP & Darrowshire PvE. The total active population during peak times on all four realms is between 12000 - 18000 players.

Our Elysium gold shop is the server's oldest. It was released in February 2015, just one month before the release of the former Nostalrius Begins server. Ever since, we have been actively providing gold, account & powerleveling services for the Nostalrius realms, and with the current status - the same services are applied to the Elysium project as well. You can expect a quick turn around for any purchased service, with nice rewards for loyal customers.

The Lightbringer (Elysium PvP) Realm

The Elysium PvP Realm of the Elysium WoW Project

Recently renamed and now known as Lightbringer, once the most populous realm of the Elysium Project. The realm was re-launched as brand new in January 2017 - it has somewhere about 7500 active players during peak times... Read more →

The Northdale (Light's Hope) Realm

The Northdale Realm on Light's Hope Vanilla WoW

Our estimation is (unless some major shift happens) that Northdale will remain the prime Classic WoW Private Server until retail Classic becomes available. Released on 23rd June 2018, it quickly surprassed all great realms: Lightbringer, Nighthaven, Kronos 3... read more →

The Silver Hand Realm

The Silver Hand Realm on Light's Hope Classic WoW

Silver Hand is the latest addition to LH, and the second realm released by the Light's Hope team in order to accept the incoming players that would not fit on Northdale... Read more →

The Nighthaven Realm

The NightHaven PvP Realm of the Elysium WoW Project

The latest realm released by The Elysium Project on 5th November 2017. It was born out after the last catastrophe on the Elysium project and now it boasts around 2000 active players during it's peak hours... Read more →

The Kronos 3 Realm

The Kronos Classic Vanilla WoW realm by Twinstar

Kronos 3, besides the original Kronos, is the latest addition on Twinstar, released on 31th March 2018. A stable Classic Vanilla x1 Server, based on the Kronos 1 & 2 core. It has over 80 active raiding guilds on both factions... Read more →

About V7Gaming Classic WoW Gold

Classic WoW Gold - V7Gaming

Our initial team started small, by providing gold services on Feenix's Warsong and then Archangel in late 2014. With the announcement of Nostalrius Begins, we have set a new trend for Private Classic WoW Servers ... Read more →

We have recently added pages that support the german speaking Classic WoW - Nefarian and the upcoming Northdale.

August 2018 Update: Support for EU WoW Gold is now included for all realms.

July 2018 Update: Support for USA WoW Gold is now included for all realms.

If you are a first time buyer, check the how it works page. If you are looking to buy accounts or powerleveling, check this page.

General Answers to Questions - regarding buying Gold, Accounts or Powerleveling for Light's Hope

1. Do i need to wait to receive the gold?

- We are professional sellers, and we will do our best to service you as quickly as possible. We strive to deliver as fast as possible, up to a couple of hours, depending on our availability. Once purchased, we will contact you on your e-mail address to appoint a delivery transfer with you. We can not disclose much details publicly due to the nature of the trade.

2. Is the price so high or not?

- Finaly, we are able to offer a balanced pricing for all our services, especially gold. Please note that our gold stocks are mainly reserved for people willing to compensate us properly for landing a hand. As stated, we farm by playing the game like it was intended, not by exploiting. It can take almost a day for a single player to farm between 200-300 gold at the moment. On Blizzlike x1 Vanilla WoW servers, there is no such thing like legitimate cheap gold.

3. Is it safe to buy gold on Light's Hope?

- The Light's Hope game masters don't like gold sellers and buyers. But, we have developed very strict and secure ways for transfers, so you can freely feel safe with us. We don't break the game, we follow the server rules and we will stay in business as long as the server is up. Our methods for farming and delivery are always a step ahead of everyone, and we always follow our strict & secure delivery process with absolutely no exceptions. We don't give your details to anyone.

4. Do you have a refund policy?

- Have no worries, you are always covered by our refund policy. We do our best to deliver the ordered gold or game account as fast as possible to you. It usually takes a few hours up to a day. If you don't get the purchased gold or game account within a maximum of 24 hours, you can get a complete 100% refund by simply e-mailing us and asking for your money back - we won't ask any questions to you. E-mails can be sent to We deserve the right to cancel suspicious orders. View our complete Refund Policy.

Testimonials from Buyers:

2500g for Lightbringer Alliance

Bastien McClaren basti***** (5th April '18)

Once i purchased the 2500 gold box, i received email with instructions, Nost team swiftly followed to complete the transaction - Alliance Lightbringer

2500g for Lightbringer Alliance

Bastien McClaren basti***** (5th April '18)

Once i purchased the 2500 gold box, i received email with instructions, Nost team swiftly followed to complete the transaction - Alliance Lightbringer

1000g and Horde Lightbringer account

Ian Anderson anders***** (19th January '18)

I baught Level 60 Horde Druid today and received 1000g together. Thank you

200g for Nighthaven

Ian Anderson anders***** (25th November '17)

My 200g package was delivered without any hassle on Horde, Nighthaven

Rank 11 Rogue for Lightbringer

Alex Solgeson lexxo48***** (16th November '17)

Got rank 11 rogue from i really love it

Light's Hope Elysium Paladin Account

Tanner Raberg tanny.rab***** (5th November '17)

Bought Light's Hope Paladin, so far so good, i'm really impressed with the gear

Gold for Light's Hope WoW

Seidel Hendrik rogueway***** (17th October '17)

Can confirm that gold for Light's Hope WoW was available right away when the Elysium PvP realm was restarted

Over 5000 gold purchased on Darrowshire

George Saunders gogi***** (25th August '17)

I was seeking all possible places, but couldn't find so cheap Darrowshire gold price

Level 40 Undead Rogue

Andreas Nørtoft crusw**** (19th June '17)

I purchased level 40 Undead Rogue and received everything as stated on their page with some bonuses as well

Epix 100% mount gold farming

Christopher Saunder krislapen**** (27th May '17)

Who has the time to farm for epix mount? Takes ages. Thanks for the gold though.

2x level 40 toons for Elysium PVP

Antonio Rhodesrhods1127**** (3rd April '17)

Ended up buying two level 40 toons for myself and my brother, the toons were in perfect condition, as described + some unexpected bonuses!

Bonuses when you start making lot of orders!

Marwin Quettierthequett**** (15th March '17)

Bought a solid amount of gold for my Zeth'Kur toon. Weeks have passed and my account is okay. Can confirm the safety of the service.

Bonuses when you start making lot of orders!

Fredrik Schaeffer frederiko33**** (1st March '17)

My intention was to buy 100g for my fast mount, but i ended up using every second day. They do provide nice bonuses once you start making a lot of orders!

Super Cheap :)))

Thomas Carlucci tomi***** (16th February '17)

WOOAAAH! Super cheap Elysium gold :))) The 500 package was delivered almost instantly to me, now i ride my fast horse

Level 60 account...

Nathan Wilson willia***** (7th February '17)

Month ago, i purchased a level 60 account. Today i bought some gold for it and must admin, i love it!

Your are the only one that has stock...

Homer Pearson arrowpierce***** (2nd February '17)

Seems you are the only website that has Anathema gold in stock right now

The older price was killing me...

Jacob Haaland landiaha**** (23th January '17)

Thank goodness for the discount, the older price was killing me, now I'am at ease

Fast 30g delivery ;)

Jennifer Garret jenny***** (15th January '17)

My 30g order came in quickly ;)

First Realm Buyer :)

Anders Linck andy***** (12th January '17)

I think i am the first gold buyer on Elysium, shhhh..... :)

Super Secure :)

Patrick Parker rebeldewaypat**** (3rd January '17)

Few days passed after the banwave and my account is in good standing. Super Secure!

Begins & Returns :)

Ryan West westi88**** (25th December '16)

I do remember making a lot of orders on this website when Nostalrius Begins was launched, seems i'm doing the same with Nostalrius Returns :))

Just saying thanks :)

Alle Borysko alle.boris**** (22th December '16)

Bought that large package because the deal was great and the gold cheaper than the smaller ones. The trade was performed in Ironforge as told. A+++ seller!

Got my goodies as stated :)

William Middleditch willymidd**** (19th December '16)

Everything went through as stated on the website. Made my purchase, received the e-mail with instructions and got my goodies in less than a hour :)

Gold available right upon launch

Ger Jongsma gerrico**** (17th December '16)

These guys had gold in stock right away when Nostalrius 2.0 was launched! Thaaaaaaaanks :))

Decent service - many orders

Brad Rivera rivera**** (26th September '16)

Decent service. Made many orders so far, received them all without an issue.

Got my gold superfast

Richard Breivik breivika**** (30th August '16)

Received the instruction e-mail in 5 mins, and after 5 mins the gold i purchased. Thank you!

New Pricing, Bonus!

Charlie Ryan chaching**** (3rd November '15)

Love the new pricing, the bonus too. Will keep coming back to you :))

Thank you again

Patryk Jakub patrick******* (3rd November '15)

Thank you again so much, and for the reassurance. Was a quick delivery, will use again in future.

I bought gold from you before

Petio XD petar****** (22th October '15)

Thank you sir, I will keep it in mind :) I might buy again in future (I bought gold from you before) Have a nice day. 10/10 fast delivery

Always available

Kevin Lawson kfed**** (29th June '15)

I purchased 50g today - this was my first time buying gold on a private server. After looking at another site and another seller I found your website and decided it looked the most professional. I was told before the purchase of what to expect, and within an hour of purchasing I received my gold. Thank you for your service, I will definitely buy again!

Always available

Marcus Jørgensen marc.jor***** (14th June '15)

600g purchased, got a VERY BIG BONUS. Thanks a million!!!

Always available

Sebastian Mari tankerfee*** (5th May '15)

Thanks, received the gold again as promised. always helps me when im broke ingame.

Fast mount

Doobie Nick dye982*** (26th April '15)

Got a very nice geared toon with 300 golds and 100% mount on it. Great service will be using you again

Absolutely worth it

Kate Becker k.b**** (19th April '15)

They certainly know what they do. Purchased gold on multiple ocassions from them and will continue to do so - they know what safe delivery actually is.

Powerleveling and lots of gold!

Jack Bonami jackywow**** (13th April '15)

No BS at all, seems the only professional gold sellers for the realm. Purchased 1-60 powerleveling and loads of gold from them. VERY SATISFIED WITH THE SERVICE! TY <3

Bought 200g!

Christian Johnson kris56**** (2nd April '15)

Bought 200g and the guys delivered. Great service, will buy again soon. You can put my recommendation on your site

Powerleveled to 40 + Mount

Donna Deliman tbx**** (30th March '15)

After using their powerleveling service to catch up my friends who were already lvl 40++, bought 100g and now i ride my mount. So Happy. No more slowliness!

Easy Trade

Amir Aberi amabe**** (29th March '15)

Thank you for the easy trade. Will buy from u again

Safety & Security

Rollan Parker rollanros*** (28th March '15)

I was reluctant to buy because my first account was banned after i purchased gold from the OwnedCore forum. These people do what they say they do, it's been a few days and my account is in good status. A+, legit.

Great Service

Jovan Sorensen j.wow2*** (27th March '15)

Thank you so much I'll be recommending you to all of my friends :) Great service

Coming from Feenix

John Hold*** johnho**** (25th March '15)

I'm coming from the Feenix WoW servers, and i am their most loyal customer! They have provided me with a lot of gold on Warsong, Archangel, Emerald Dream and now Nostalrius. Team #1 - many thanks!

Our Northdale network was extended on Tumblr, Twitter, Wordpress, github, Blogger, Shivtr, Maptia, Pinterest, Mix, Facebook, Instagram, and Northdale on V7, has been featured / spoken of / part of the following websites: featured on Gamespot, Gameskinny, Gamestar, CNN, BBC, Digital Journal, The New York Times, The Telegraph, Twitch TV,, CNBC, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal...

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